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Dear Sacred Heart Mildmay Parishioners,

Our beautiful Church here in Mildmay is undergoing badly needed renovations and improvements.  In order to keep our Church in good condition for generations to come, it is necessary to continually work at ensuring small problems don’t become larger and more expensive in the future.   

A very noticeable change in our Church is the beautiful new piano/organ generously donated by the Knights of Columbus.  

The new Sound System greatly enhances our Celebration of Mass with the Music and Readings very clearly heard throughout the Church. 

As well, a new amplifier and cordless microphone has been installed in the Church Hall, making CWL lunches and meetings easier to convene. 

Another very noticeable improvement is in the condition of the entrance doors to our Church.   

They have been sanded, stained, and varnished, looking like new!

You have probably also noticed that our Church Basement has been receiving some much-needed renovating recently. 

David Ruetz Construction has replaced some dry wall, removed water stains, and refreshed the paint on the stairways going down to the hall. Work has begun on the two basement washrooms with new exhaust fans installed in both ceilings and new motion detectors installed. 

The toilets will be replaced as well as new floors installed. The staircase outside wall from the Sacristy leading to the basement has been scraped, sanded, strapped and drywalled, with insulation installed to prevent further paint damage from moisture seeping in.

The walls will then be painted.

The Sacristy will be undergoing some changes with new cupboards built and installed, new flooring and paint.

The room will be re-arranged to better accommodate the needs of the Priest, Lay Ministers, and Altar Servers.

One of the Companies has been asked to remove the carpet at the front doors of the Church.  

Due to years of water and salt damage, the carpet is stiff and hard to walk on making it difficult for wheelchairs, walkers and to keep clean.

The next project at Sacred Heart Church Mildmay is the completion of the repair of the stonework above the main entrance to the Church.  

This work will be completed by Joe Hoffarth. 

Once school is out at the end of June, we will be replacing all the eavestroughs and down spouts on the Church.

All of this sounds like a massive amount of work and expense. 

Thanks to your generosity through One Heart One Soul, some of the costs for these extensive renovations and repairs will be covered. 

However, we will continue to need your on-going support. 

Please consider donating to the Building Fund to keep our beautiful Sacred Heart Church, Mildmay in good condition!

Thank you very much for your generosity and your continued support!



Members of The Finance Committee

In walkerton



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